The Valmet Automotive way to ensure successful personnel induction: the goal is easily accessible and equal information for everyone!

In 2018, Valmet Auto­motive was looking for new employee induction prac­tices. At the time, new employees were inducted on-site, which meant that the respective super­visor was largely responsible for the success of the induction.

For us, it was chal­lenging to monitor the quality of the induction arranged, and it was not pos­sible to guar­antee equal dis­tri­bution of inform­ation among all the employees.

Valmet Auto­motive, Talent Man­agement Spe­cialist Ira Sil­vendoin

Goal No. 1 achieved: Information is conveniently available!

The transfer of induction and training courses to the Builder online envir­onment has led to achieving Valmet Automotive’s ori­ginal goal, con­venient access to inform­ation. The need for classroom training has reduced and the change has brought the desired flex­ib­ility to the cre­ation of training courses. 

In the past, for example, employees might have had problems with being at a spe­cific place at a spe­cific time. Now, employees can par­ti­cipate in the induction at the time best suitable for them.

After the transfer to Builder, the training com­pletion per­centage has risen dra­mat­ically, Sil­vendoin says with delight.

Builder’s inherent ease of use has been a pleasant sur­prise for others at Valmet Auto­motive as well. In Finland alone, about 600 employees are act­ively involved in training. With the help of Builder, some of the training courses can also be arranged for the entire staff of the company, which includes some 4,000 people. In-house Builder training courses at Valmet Auto­motive are put together by a few experts, for whom this is a side task.

Need for pedagogical expertise

Sil­vendoin praises the tech­nical ease of use of the tool, but has also recog­nised the need for ped­ago­gical expertise in the company. Apprix has gladly taken up this chal­lenge – after all, ped­ago­gically created per­sonnel training models are among Apprix’s special strengths.

Jesse Jokinen from Apprix admits the ped­ago­gical chal­lenge of per­sonnel training in many cus­tomer companies:

Com­panies have accu­mu­lated extensive knowhow and expertise, but dis­tri­bution of the inform­ation to all employees in an inspiring and con­sistent way is often a major chal­lenge. As a company, Valmet Auto­motive has been strong enough to recognise this need. It is a good premise for success, Jokinen says.

TOP3 Valmet Automotive pros in favour of the Apprix Builder® training tool:

  1. Well-done groundwork in accordance with the brand
  2. Excellent feedback from end users
  3. Arranging induction for a large number of employees is made easier for the managers.