Apprix Content Services

Apprix has a firm grip on content that visualizes, motivates, engages and speaks to its audience. Our content service covers texts, images, audio, video and presentation graphics.

The key word for engaging, participatory online trainings is illustrative and interactive content. In addition to Apprix’s content team, the content is also produced by our customers who have adopted our pedagogically designed training tool for their own use.

Once the visual lines, individual integrations, and technical adjustments are complete, the training tool is ready for visually branded and pedagogically constructed content. If desired, the customer will receive Builder user training and support or tips for quality content production. As a result, many of our customers have developed into true “Black Belt Builder Masters”.

We’ve put together a couple of ways to produce content with the Apprix Builder® training tool, but as the “Black Belt Builder Masters” know:

Builder is a playing field of many possibilities, creative brainstorming and technical fine-tuning, the keywords of which are user-friendliness and pedagogy.

The Story+ Content Pack

The Story + Content Pack is an easy way to ensure that your online training is cohesive and memorable from start to finish.

Storytelling also works well in just parts of an online training.

For example:

  • Occupational safety in changing projects and worksites
  • Legal guidance on the realities of working life
  • QHSE operating models in the daily life of a company
  • Customer contact from first encounter to aftermarket
  • Product development from idea to implementation


Gamification, edugaming… it goes by many names.

Our aim is to get Builder users to state the following while hard at work: “Well this is child’s play!”

Apprix is a pioneer in gamification in Finland.
Esimerkki gamificationista.

Infographics & illustration

Great graphics with outdated data? Or crucial information on an outdated basis? Does your team consider how certain processes or topics could be presented in an easily comprehensible form in trainings? Apprix’s strong and versatile graphic design expertise is at your disposal, and best of all; you also get all the pictures, videos and graphics we produce for your company’s own use.

Our partner services

What if demanding content is needed on a speedy schedule?

Our network includes professionals in various fields:

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Translation services

The Apprix Partner Network is available to you. You get all the content produced for you for your company’s own use, to be used in communication projects, for example.

Real life situations engage, motivate, and bring about both thoughts and action.

See examples of our training topics:

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