Apprix Content Services

Apprix has a firm grip on content that visualizes, motivates, engages and speaks to its audience. Our content service covers texts, images, audio, video and presentation graphics.

The key word for engaging, par­ti­cip­atory online trainings is illus­trative and inter­active content. In addition to Apprix’s content team, the content is also pro­duced by our cus­tomers who have adopted our ped­ago­gically designed training tool for their own use.

Once the visual lines, indi­vidual integ­ra­tions, and tech­nical adjust­ments are com­plete, the training tool is ready for visually branded and ped­ago­gically con­structed content. If desired, the cus­tomer will receive Builder user training and support or tips for quality content pro­duction. As a result, many of our cus­tomers have developed into true “Black Belt Builder Masters”.

We’ve put together a couple of ways to produce content with the Apprix Builder® training tool, but as the “Black Belt Builder Masters” know:

Builder is a playing field of many pos­sib­il­ities, cre­ative brain­storming and tech­nical fine-tuning, the keywords of which are user-friend­liness and pedagogy. 

The Story+ Content Pack

The Story + Content Pack is an easy way to ensure that your online training is cohesive and mem­orable from start to finish.

Storytelling also works well in just parts of an online training.

For example:

  • Occu­pa­tional safety in changing pro­jects and worksites
  • Legal guidance on the real­ities of working life
  • QHSE oper­ating models in the daily life of a company
  • Cus­tomer contact from first encounter to aftermarket
  • Product devel­opment from idea to implementation


Gami­fic­ation, edugaming… it goes by many names.

Our aim is to get Builder users to state the fol­lowing while hard at work: “Well this is child’s play!”

Apprix is a pioneer in gami­fic­ation in Finland. 
Esimerkki gamificationista.

Infographics & illustration

Great graphics with out­dated data? Or crucial inform­ation on an out­dated basis? Does your team con­sider how certain pro­cesses or topics could be presented in an easily com­pre­hensible form in trainings? Apprix’s strong and ver­satile graphic design expertise is at your dis­posal, and best of all; you also get all the pic­tures, videos and graphics we produce for your company’s own use. 

Our partner services

What if demanding content is needed on a speedy schedule?

Our network includes pro­fes­sionals in various fields:

  • Pho­to­graphy
  • Video
  • Trans­lation services

The Apprix Partner Network is available to you. You get all the content pro­duced for you for your company’s own use, to be used in com­mu­nic­ation pro­jects, for example.

Real life situations engage, motivate, and bring about both thoughts and action.

See examples of our training topics: 
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