Safety, quality and environmental training courses

Workplace safety, constant quality and environmental well-being are the values ​​that Apprix Builder® makes visible in everyday work.

QEHS training, occu­pa­tional safety, respons­ib­ility, and quality training courses, Code of Conduct, cir­cular economy, or stat­utory induc­tions with guar­anteed level of com­petence and per­formance reports. All of this can be integ­rated into your company’s systems (incl. access control) in a cus­tomised and safe manner.

We have solid exper­ience in per­sonnel training, the latest know-how in the field, optimised tools, and ped­ago­gical expertise com­bined with everyday working life prac­tices and legal aspects.

In order for us to be able to assist our cus­tomers in dif­ferent situ­ations and with varying needs, our SaaS ser­vices are being con­stantly developed.


We have 20 years of exper­ience and strong expertise in pro­moting occu­pa­tional safety, for example, in the indus­trial, con­struction and energy sectors through par­ti­cip­atory and inter­active eLearning. 

According to stat­istics, pre­vention is the best way to ensure safety.

With the help of Builder training, potential risk situ­ations and devel­opment needs can also be iden­tified among the target groups. Ulti­mately, security depends on con­sistent prac­tices, as well as on that know­ledge of the right prac­tices reaches every employee of the organ­isation in a timely and correct manner.

Occu­pa­tional safety is more than just accident stat­istics. Apprix Builder® also enables pro­vision of up-to-date and easy-to-use inform­ation for the desired target groups on various well-being at work and uniform hygiene practices.

What about outsiders moving around in the premises?

A per­formance report obtained from Builder security training can be a pre­requisite to cleaners or guards for access to selected facil­ities or systems, for example – prac­tical online training as part of access control makes it easy to manage and ensure security in all facil­ities and systems managed by the company. 


Among our cus­tomers, com­petent pro­fes­sionals in the field of food pro­duction, service industry, and con­struction tech­nology, for example, are strongly rep­res­ented, for whom con­stant quality is a pre­requisite for the company’s operations.

As tele­working increases, organ­isa­tions need to maintain com­petence and motiv­ation to safe­guard quality. Apprix Builder® is a digital solution that pro­motes learning and effect­ively imple­ments prac­tices for the per­sonnel. Builder training involves and encourages learning!


Our cus­tomers invest in a responsible way of oper­ation and an envir­on­mentally friendly approach. With the help of Builder training courses, it is pos­sible to explain important issues to the trainees through real work life situ­ations in a prac­tical, par­ti­cip­atory, and responsible way.

Cir­cular economy, reduction of the carbon foot­print, respons­ib­ility for climate – big sub­jects with per­sonal actions and meas­urable results – this is how cor­porate respons­ib­ility works at its best!

Apprix Builder® invests in understanding

Builder motivates, involves and guides the per­sonnel to do the right thing in prac­tical work situ­ations. Each element of the ped­ago­gically struc­tured Builder tool is designed to promote the acquis­ition of know­ledge in a prac­tical and motiv­ating way. For dif­ferent learners and, for example, mul­ti­lingual per­sonnel, vis­ib­ility and control of dif­ferent lan­guage ver­sions offer evident added value that benefits the entire company. 

Did you know? 

We have 20 years of exper­ience in the field of safety and quality training. 

Our motto:

Every employee is important! Harness data for use and make sure everyone has adequate know­ledge, skills, and strong motivation.

Jesse Jokinen, Man­aging Partner, Apprix


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