How are Apprix Builder® online training courses shared among users?

LMS, course sites, various portals… 
Integrating Builder courses into different sharing systems is daily routine for us. 

An easy solution is to share the training through a web link that reaches the desired target group both inside and outside your own organ­isation, regardless of time and place. However, there are more ways for sharing that can be cus­tomised to the organisation’s spe­cific needs in a flexible, con­venient and user-friendly way.


Can you find your solution in the picture?

O365, Sharepoint, Moodle…
You name the system and we’ll find the way for sharing! 

Is your daily life troubled with adapt­ation of various systems to the indi­vidual needs of depart­ments, teams and employees? 

Over 20 years, Apprix has acquired unique exper­ience related to HR training, facil­it­ating the cus­tomers’ everyday life and devel­oping com­pet­encies cost-effect­ively and with meas­urable results. We also have an ample choice of ready-for-use solu­tions tested in demanding envir­on­ments. 

Many of our cus­tomers share Builder training courses with their employees or selected partners through a simple web link, but you can also use your existing network envir­on­ments like your intranet or learning envir­onment for sharing Builder online courses (e.g. O365/​Sharepoint, Corner­stone or Moodle).

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