HR, sales, finance, and IT inductions

There are countless ways for taking advantage of Apprix Builder® interactive learning pedagogy: finance, sales, HR, IT, marketing, and strategy implementation. Or data protection, cyber-security and GDPR. Or name a topic and we will come up with a solution!

Our Apprix Builder® SaaS service brings added value to the different departments and operating sectors of companies. After implementation, Apprix Builder can be used for many ends: basic inductions for new employees, sales training, equipment or safety training, product training for customers… when it comes to brainstorming, only the customer’s imagination is the limit.

Apprix Builder shares and collects information from all areas of activity of your company.

A single training course – an unlimited number of trainees

Competent and motivated personnel is a matter of pride for all of our customers. On the path to continuous learning, partners, such as subcontractors and customers, also constitute an important target group.
Three examples of how Apprix Builder® brings added value to the business of our customers:
  1. Sales-oriented presentation of the company’s products or services – with the opportunity to map the customers’ needs and the operating environment!
  2. In the COVID year 2020, regular working from home increased twofold (Tilastokeskus 22.12.2020). Apprix Builder® provides options for digital tools and teleworking management!
  3. Comprehensive data protection depends on the right practices – Apprix Builder® simulates threats and near misses in an interactive and motivating manner. Through this, existing risks are mapped and the employees’ abilities improved.

Apprix Builder® – an evolving and comprehensive online training tool

Would you like your employees to receive an automatic reminder of online courses to be taken at regular intervals? Perhaps the criteria for passing a training course should be clarified? Or maybe you want to motivate and encourage an existing community of experts for better performance and innovations? Apprix Builder® is an easily customisable and versatile tool that provides uniform training for different target groups.
Please remember that in addition to your own employees, Builder training courses can be used to introduce partners and customers to selected products or services. Builder product training is an effective and participatory marketing tool.
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