HR, sales, finance, and IT inductions

There are countless ways for taking advantage of Apprix Builder® interactive learning pedagogy: finance, sales, HR, IT, marketing, and strategy implementation. Or data protection, cyber-security and GDPR. Or name a topic and we will come up with a solution!

Our Apprix Builder® SaaS service brings added value to the dif­ferent depart­ments and oper­ating sectors of com­panies. After imple­ment­ation, Apprix Builder can be used for many ends: basic induc­tions for new employees, sales training, equipment or safety training, product training for cus­tomers… when it comes to brain­storming, only the customer’s ima­gin­ation is the limit.

Apprix Builder shares and col­lects inform­ation from all areas of activity of your company.

A single training course – an unlimited number of trainees

Com­petent and motivated per­sonnel is a matter of pride for all of our cus­tomers. On the path to con­tinuous learning, partners, such as sub­con­tractors and cus­tomers, also con­stitute an important target group. 
Three examples of how Apprix Builder® brings added value to the business of our customers: 
  1. Sales-ori­ented present­ation of the company’s products or ser­vices – with the oppor­tunity to map the cus­tomers’ needs and the oper­ating environment!
  2. In the COVID year 2020, regular working from home increased twofold (Tilas­tokeskus 22.12.2020). Apprix Builder® provides options for digital tools and tele­working management!
  3. Com­pre­hensive data pro­tection depends on the right prac­tices – Apprix Builder® sim­u­lates threats and near misses in an inter­active and motiv­ating manner. Through this, existing risks are mapped and the employees’ abil­ities improved.

Apprix Builder® – an evolving and comprehensive online training tool

Would you like your employees to receive an auto­matic reminder of online courses to be taken at regular intervals? Perhaps the cri­teria for passing a training course should be cla­rified? Or maybe you want to motivate and encourage an existing com­munity of experts for better per­formance and innov­a­tions? Apprix Builder® is an easily cus­tom­isable and ver­satile tool that provides uniform training for dif­ferent target groups. 
Please remember that in addition to your own employees, Builder training courses can be used to introduce partners and cus­tomers to selected products or ser­vices. Builder product training is an effective and par­ti­cip­atory mar­keting tool. 
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