Legal and corporate law eLearning courses

Laws and regulations, global corporate law, certifications and standards – not many of us can cope in the regulatory jungle on our own, but with the right tools and expertise, learning becomes practical and measurable.

Learning by exper­ience: national and inter­na­tional legis­lation and company-spe­cific business prac­tices are part and parcel of the daily work of Apprix employees. Apprix Builder® is a digital solution that pro­motes learning and effect­ively imple­ments standards and cer­ti­fic­ation-based prac­tices for desired target groups, regardless of size or loc­ation. Builder training involves and encourages learning! 

Learning of operation methods & implementation of know-how

How are oper­ation methods, pro­cesses, and guidelines explained to employees or co-oper­ation partners? What about Anti-Bribery, Insider Policy, Com­pet­ition Com­pliance, and GDPR? Or details, pit­falls, and tricks related to routine pro­cedures that have so far only been known to vet­erans or selected experts? 
In Builder online training, inter­action and indi­vidual approach are essential. It is a com­bin­ation of solid know-how and sparring, innov­ative tech­nology, and a CAN DO attitude. In addition to all this, Apprix Builder® gathers inform­ation, explores opinions or exper­ience, and iden­tifies targets for future devel­opment as part of the company’s own stat­istics management. 

Continuous learning, certificates and standards

If the objective is to facil­itate the man­agement of standards and cer­ti­ficates, with the help of Apprix Builder, the com­petence can be measured and updated at the required time intervals.

Would you like your employees to receive an auto­matic reminder of online courses to be taken at regular intervals? Perhaps the require­ments have changed – should the cri­teria for passing a training course be cla­rified? Apprix Builder® is an easily cus­tom­isable and ver­satile tool that provides uniform training for dif­ferent target groups.

A uniform induction for an unlimited number of trainees

Sales, HR or finance pro­fes­sionals – define your target audience and easily share up-to-date training proven to be effective!

The Builder/​SaaS service is being developed further all the time. When Apprix Builder® is integ­rated into our customer’s HR system, for example, the employer can verify that each employee has com­pleted the necessary induc­tions and courses. The Builder per­formance report can also be a pre­requisite for a new assignment, for example, or it can be used to restrict employee access.

What about business partners?

Builder training courses can also be used to introduce business partners or cus­tomers to selected sub­jects, such as com­pet­ition law, inter­na­tional trade, or the company’s own business model – case studies sim­u­lating real life bring chal­lenging legal work life situ­ations to practice. E-learning as part of access control is easy to manage and ensures security. 

Teleworking and contribution to digital revolution

As tele­working increases, organ­isa­tions are chal­lenged with main­taining com­petence and motiv­ation. Apprix Builder® is a digital solution ideal for sup­porting the well-being and expertise of per­sonnel in the midst of our new everyday reality. In inter­na­tional organ­isa­tions, the training courses can easily be divided between dif­ferent coun­tries or business units. Builder training involves and encourages learning! 
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