Legal and corporate law eLearning courses

Laws and regulations, global corporate law, certifications and standards – not many of us can cope in the regulatory jungle on our own, but with the right tools and expertise, learning becomes practical and measurable.

Learning by experience: national and international legislation and company-specific business practices are part and parcel of the daily work of Apprix employees. Apprix Builder® is a digital solution that promotes learning and effectively implements standards and certification-based practices for desired target groups, regardless of size or location. Builder training involves and encourages learning!

Learning of operation methods & implementation of know-how

How are operation methods, processes, and guidelines explained to employees or co-operation partners? What about Anti-Bribery, Insider Policy, Competition Compliance, and GDPR? Or details, pitfalls, and tricks related to routine procedures that have so far only been known to veterans or selected experts?
In Builder online training, interaction and individual approach are essential. It is a combination of solid know-how and sparring, innovative technology, and a CAN DO attitude. In addition to all this, Apprix Builder® gathers information, explores opinions or experience, and identifies targets for future development as part of the company’s own statistics management.

Continuous learning, certificates and standards

If the objective is to facilitate the management of standards and certificates, with the help of Apprix Builder, the competence can be measured and updated at the required time intervals.

Would you like your employees to receive an automatic reminder of online courses to be taken at regular intervals? Perhaps the requirements have changed – should the criteria for passing a training course be clarified? Apprix Builder® is an easily customisable and versatile tool that provides uniform training for different target groups.

A uniform induction for an unlimited number of trainees

Sales, HR or finance professionals – define your target audience and easily share up-to-date training proven to be effective!

The Builder/SaaS service is being developed further all the time. When Apprix Builder® is integrated into our customer’s HR system, for example, the employer can verify that each employee has completed the necessary inductions and courses. The Builder performance report can also be a prerequisite for a new assignment, for example, or it can be used to restrict employee access.

What about business partners?

Builder training courses can also be used to introduce business partners or customers to selected subjects, such as competition law, international trade, or the company’s own business model – case studies simulating real life bring challenging legal work life situations to practice. E-learning as part of access control is easy to manage and ensures security.

Teleworking and contribution to digital revolution

As teleworking increases, organisations are challenged with maintaining competence and motivation. Apprix Builder® is a digital solution ideal for supporting the well-being and expertise of personnel in the midst of our new everyday reality. In international organisations, the training courses can easily be divided between different countries or business units. Builder training involves and encourages learning!
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