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This autumn marks 20 years since the founding of Apprix. It should be clear without saying that over the two decades, eLearning has taken quite a leap forward. Jesse Jokinen, Apprix’s founding member, has been with the company throughout its 20-year journey. In this blog post, he talks about the ground covered. 
Apprix Builder training tool is used sim­ul­tan­eously by dozens of clients, in hun­dreds of training courses and by thou­sands of users. It is obvious that dif­ferent parties have quite dif­ferent needs and expect­a­tions, relating to the devel­opment of the Builder tool, which are dif­ferent from those of others 
Who is a whis­tleblower? Whom does the Dir­ective concern, what does it require? Through com­pre­hensive online training, the noti­fic­ation required by the dir­ective can be provided to an unlimited number of employees in a uniform manner.