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Apprix Oy 2001 - 2022

In 2001, par­ti­cip­atory and inter­active per­sonnel training was a bold idea – one that we at Apprix developed into a func­tional pro­cedure in the twenty years that followed. 

In 2001, digital ser­vices were evolving, but per­sonnel training in Finland and else­where in the world was still being handled using various Power­Points and Word guidelines. Induction courses for large groups of employees in classrooms required co-ordin­ation of schedules and accuracy. The learning materials were not always up-to-date and failed to reach everyone in the way desired. What about learning, ensuring under­standing, inter­action, ped­agogy? Gath­ering know­ledge, exper­ience and atti­tudes? Or mon­it­oring training-related feedback?

Out of this need, our expertise and strong vision, Apprix Oy, a Finnish pioneer in digital per­sonnel training, was born.

We started com­bining benefits based on par­ti­cip­atory logic char­ac­ter­istic to games with business tools. We took into account ped­agogy and our exper­ience in the business sector. Gami­fic­ation, storytelling and inclusion through inter­action and real work life situ­ations. This lead to the idea of a way of learning where people think and arrive to con­clu­sions by them­selves, ponder options, draw con­clu­sions, and receive feedback on the choices made.

In addition, we developed dif­ferent ways for securing expertise and col­lecting data through our tool into the company’s own systems via diverse integrations.

Apprix is the pioneer of gamification in Finland.

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Gami­fic­ation elu­cidates, engages and motivates. 

Storytelling supports understanding and management of the big picture.

Prac­tical! Inter­active! Evokes emotions! 

Apprix Builder®

Today our vision has been crys­tal­lised in Apprix Builder®, launched in 2015, in which twenty years of exper­ience has been gathered inside one tool.

Dozens of our Finnish and inter­na­tional cor­porate cus­tomers use our digital learning tool of the new era – on numerous dis­tri­bution plat­forms, integ­rated into various HR, LMS and access control systems, as part of our cus­tomers’ business subject to devel­opment and digitalisation.

Rising HR trend

The use of Builder has mul­ti­plied in recent years. There is even a devoted Builder fan base among our cli­entèle, as exem­plified by our cus­tomer ATRIA.

In 2017-2019, use of the Builder training tool increased man­ifold. (Source: Apprix Builder user statistics) 
By com­bining our expertise with the right tool, we improve the skills, motiv­ation, and sense of com­munity of our cus­tomer com­panies’ employees. Our ultimate goal is ensuring the success and business con­tinuity of our cus­tomers by digital tools and main­taining the expertise of their personnel. 

Our vision 2022

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