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Apprix Oy 2001 – 2022

In 2001, participatory and interactive personnel training was a bold idea – one that we at Apprix developed into a functional procedure in the twenty years that followed.

In 2001, digital services were evolving, but personnel training in Finland and elsewhere in the world was still being handled using various PowerPoints and Word guidelines. Induction courses for large groups of employees in classrooms required co-ordination of schedules and accuracy. The learning materials were not always up-to-date and failed to reach everyone in the way desired. What about learning, ensuring understanding, interaction, pedagogy? Gathering knowledge, experience and attitudes? Or monitoring training-related feedback?

Out of this need, our expertise and strong vision, Apprix Oy, a Finnish pioneer in digital personnel training, was born.

We started combining benefits based on participatory logic characteristic to games with business tools. We took into account pedagogy and our experience in the business sector. Gamification, storytelling and inclusion through interaction and real work life situations. This lead to the idea of a way of learning where people think and arrive to conclusions by themselves, ponder options, draw conclusions, and receive feedback on the choices made.

In addition, we developed different ways for securing expertise and collecting data through our tool into the company’s own systems via diverse integrations.

Apprix is the pioneer of gamification in Finland.

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Gamification elucidates, engages and motivates.

Storytelling supports understanding and management of the big picture.

Practical! Interactive! Evokes emotions!

Apprix Builder®

Today our vision has been crystallised in Apprix Builder®, launched in 2015, in which twenty years of experience has been gathered inside one tool.

Dozens of our Finnish and international corporate customers use our digital learning tool of the new era – on numerous distribution platforms, integrated into various HR, LMS and access control systems, as part of our customers’ business subject to development and digitalisation.

Rising HR trend

The use of Builder has multiplied in recent years. There is even a devoted Builder fan base among our clientèle, as exemplified by our customer ATRIA.

In 2017-2019, use of the Builder training tool increased manifold. (Source: Apprix Builder user statistics)
By combining our expertise with the right tool, we improve the skills, motivation, and sense of community of our customer companies’ employees. Our ultimate goal is ensuring the success and business continuity of our customers by digital tools and maintaining the expertise of their personnel.

Our vision 2022

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