Apprix Builder® can be integrated into numerous intranet/extranet, access control, and HR systems.

We integrate flexibly into our customers’ systems

Successful integration is the Alpha and Omega of everything. It will save you time and effort. In addition, integration helps
with optimal utilisation of your existing systems. 
In other words, when systems work together, it is easier for us humans. 

When integrated into the systems you use, our secure and reliable SaaS service also enables easy-to-manage, up-to-date, and comprehensive statistics.

Apprix Builder® integrations have already been implemented
into the following systems our customers use:


What about the access control or HR system of your company?

Are up-to-date monitorable training results important for your organisation being delivered to the right place? 

We are constantly developing Builder to serve our customers better in the world of ever-changing digital systems.

For more information on the latest integrations, please contact our experts.

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