Apprix Builder® can be integrated into numerous intranet/​extranet, access control, and HR systems.

We integrate flexibly into our customers’ systems

Suc­cessful integ­ration is the Alpha and Omega of everything. It will save you time and effort. In addition, integ­ration helps
with optimal util­isation of your existing systems. 
In other words, when systems work together, it is easier for us humans. 

When integ­rated into the systems you use, our secure and reliable SaaS service also enables easy-to-manage, up-to-date, and com­pre­hensive statistics.

Apprix Builder® integrations have already been implemented
into the following systems our customers use:


What about the access control or HR system of your company?

Are up-to-date mon­it­orable training results important for your organ­isation being delivered to the right place? 

We are con­stantly devel­oping Builder to serve our cus­tomers better in the world of ever-changing digital systems.

For more inform­ation on the latest integ­ra­tions, please contact our experts.

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