Working life is becoming more digital, genuine interaction is wanted more, lifelong learning is emphasized, and equality is being invested in more than ever. All of these are positive changes in today’s working life, and their importance will certainly be emphasized even more in the future. Read on to see how we at Apprix have taken these aspects into account and how we can help your organization invest in these key areas with the help of Apprix Builder! 

Digitalization of the work life – All necessary training material in one place

Over the years, many companies and organizations have accumulated various materials, such as instructions for using different tools needed for work, as well as a variety of guidelines for work methods, workplace values, or even legal, HR, or workplace safety practices.

Wouldn’t it be practical if these important guidelines contained in documents, PowerPoint presentations, endless intranet pages, and Drive files were transformed into organized, concise, and efficient eLearning, all in one place? Training and onboarding could be categorized by topic, specific groups of experts could be targeted with training tailored to them, and performance data would automatically update HR systems… Doesn’t that sound appealing? For this very purpose, we have created the modern, functional, and versatile Apprix Builder training tool suited for various types of training and onboarding needs.

Best of all, you wouldn’t even need to figure out how to create engaging, logical, and pedagogically effective online training from your materials – we would do it for you! However, if you prefer to turn the materials into eLearning yourself, that’s possible too. In that case, we’d be happy to guide and train you on how to make the most out of Builder. And if you have the need for an entirely new training for which materials are not ready yet, that’s not a problem either! In such cases, we’d gladly collaborate with a group of experts to determine the best online training for the specific need.

As the work environment becomes more digital, many people also feel that information is becoming fragmented, and with too much information available, information overload becomes a concern. On the other hand, there might be too few written instructions when practices are taught verbally to new employees. This can result in instructions changing slightly with each training session, and important details might be omitted or added based on the trainer’s personal experiences. Therefore, it benefits everyone if instructions are thoroughly considered and consistently taught, ensuring that all important information is retained. However, this doesn’t mean that instructions cannot be improved. With Builder, training courses can be easily modified as needed, or multiple courses on the same topic for slightly different target audiences can be created. This is why feedback is usually requested at the end of training – to aid in continuous improvement.

Wouldn’t it be practical if these important guidelines contained in documents, PowerPoint presentations, endless intranet pages, and Drive files were transformed into organized, concise, and efficient eLearning, all in one place? Best of all, you wouldn’t even need to figure out how to create engaging, logical, and pedagogically effective online training from your materials – we would do it for you!

Emphasis on interaction – Effective online training allows more time for learning on the job

Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, many workplaces are seeking a suitable balance between remote and in-person work. Some crave more face-to-face interaction and wish for more shared office time with their team, while others find sufficient support from their team through platforms like Teams or Slack and don’t see added value in coming to the office. Whether your organization’s employees fall into either of these categories, effective and concise online training that is pedagogically sound benefits all parties.

When the more theoretical aspects of work are covered in an interesting, inclusive, maybe a bit gamified, and easily digestible format through segmented eLearning, there’s more time left for hands-on learning. Both the trainer’s and trainee’s time is saved when they don’t have to go through PowerPoint presentations together. This allows the trainer to spend more time supporting new employees in learning the actual tasks.

Because online training can be completed anywhere and on any device, there’s no need to come to the office specifically for training or to arrange shared onboarding times that need to be fit into already busy calendars. Therefore, in-person or online meetings can be reserved for situations where they are truly necessary, and foundational information is already covered through online training.

Online training is by no means meant to replace in-person onboarding and training sessions but rather to enhance them. With theoretical knowledge already acquired, it’s easier to start learning how to use systems and work methods in actual work situations and receive in-depth information.

Lifelong learning – Investing in employees’ skills

We have written about lifelong learning before. Acquiring new skills has become even more crucial in a changing world, with the rapid advancement of technology and the exploration of new ways to work. The utilization of artificial intelligence in the workplace, for instance, has been a hot topic recently. Without investing in continuous employee skill development, there’s a risk that the entire company will fall behind in development, impacting overall results as well.

Learning opportunities are also linked to job satisfaction. Employees who are up to date with their tasks are naturally more content with both their workplace and their job outcomes. They are also less prone to burnout compared to employees who find their tasks overly challenging and haven’t received sufficient onboarding and additional training to cope.

Investing in continuous learning is worthwhile. With Apprix Builder, online training can be created on a wide range of topics. Furthermore, it’s easy to gather feedback and different signals related to well-being at work, challenges in job tasks, and other potential factors affecting work performance. This way, employers can gather insights into which aspects of the organization’s operations need further development and what desires the workforce has.

Diversity and equality – Up-to-date equality trainings with language versions

Diversity and equality have been topics of discussion in the workplaces for a long time. When discussing employee training, these themes highlight important aspects such as equal learning opportunities for all employees, considering multilingualism in the organization’s training materials, as well as considering accessibility and various learning styles when creating training programs.

Even if your organization isn’t international, it’s likely that not every employee’s native language is Finnish or English. Apprix Builder enables the creation of training materials in different languages for the same course, ensuring that each employee can learn crucial information in their own language, thus improving both well-being and employer image. For more details on the benefits of creating training versions in multiple languages, you can read a comprehensive blog post here.

Additionally, it’s important that the organization’s principles of equality and equal treatment are known to all employees. A suitable solution for this is diversity, inclusion, and equality training, for which Apprix has a wealth of experience. These online trainings have gained popularity recently for good reason – workplaces where everyone can be themselves and where people of different backgrounds are welcome are also the places where job satisfaction is higher, and employees are more committed.


In summary, the four key aspects of the future work environment are digitalization, interaction, lifelong learning, and diversity. In the fast-paced and uncertain present, job requirements can change rapidly. In such instances, a reliable online training partner can be a great asset. Apprix Builder brings together all the necessary training materials for the workplace, making employee onboarding and training easier. Efficient online training allows more time for hands-on learning and supports interaction in the balance between remote and in-person work. The significance of lifelong learning is emphasized, and Apprix Builder enables the creation of diverse online training courses on various topics. Moreover, diversity and equality are integral to the modern work environment, and Apprix offers multilingual training versions and equality trainings.

The convergence of all these perspectives creates a solid foundation for organizational success and employee well-being in the future work world.


Anni Immonen

Content & Communications Specialist

Apprix Oy