Personnel training courses of Elenia, an electricity distribution company and a provider of energy industry services went digital in the spring of 2018. In addition to the company’s own personnel, the target group of the training courses also includes personnel of partner companies.

Elenia Oy deployed Apprix Builder in the spring of 2018. For Elenia, the Builder is the first electronic eLearning environment and, in addition to the staff of the entire Group, it’s also offered to personnel of several partner companies.

The decision to start using Builder was made based on tendering and versatile expert analysis. According to preliminary reviews, the Builder eLearning tool was found to be the most suitable of all the alternatives on offer. Now, in 2021, the most appreciated feature of the tool is the simplicity of course creation.

“Builder changed the personnel training practices since it was first launched in 2018. Now everyone can go through the pre-defined orientation packages at the time most suitable for work. Verification of learning and skills is also easy, because it is possible to integrate a final test into the eLearning course. In 2020 we developed the tool further and now all course performance results are automatically stored in our HRM system linked to the personal data,” says Tiia Asikainen, the person in charge of human resource development at Elenia.

Apprix Builderissa on nähtävillä vahva statistiikka.

The eLearning tool has mostly produced positive feedback. There are now dozens of different training courses in use, which have been created by the staff of Elenia on their own. Some of the courses are mandatory for the staff; in addition to these courses, there are also several other obligatory training courses, depending on job duties. 

There are several Builder content producers at Elenia, and each of them is responsible for operational creation of the courses and maintaining them in their particular operating segment:

“The elements and the usage practices provided by the Builder are easy to take over. Newcomers are often told that it is like creating a PowerPoint file. New content creators have been surprised by how easy Builder is in use. I myself appreciate the added possibility of visualising a course. The vast image bank of our company provides added value to that.” 

Tiia Asikainen

In the Builder environment we do not speak about individual pages or slides, but of elements. Elements can include images, videos, texts, voices, various questions and infographics. In cooperation with Apprix, Elenia has created its own Builder environment which takes into account requirements specific to Elenia. The customer is extremely satisfied with the cooperation.

Mikko Eskelinen from Apprix is also given credits:

Working with Mikko has been both productive as well as enjoyable. Even the most challenging tasks have been completed and the entire setup has been handled in a customer-oriented manner.

Elenia will continue to invest in orientation of staff and in high-quality digital content:

“It is obvious that the challenging year 2020 has also changed the employee orientation practices. Luckily, we had already put excellent tools in place for it. At present our development focus is on the external documentation of Builder in terms of the performance of our own personnel as well as that of our partner network.”

Have you used the Builder eLearning tool to learn a job duty or a new topic? Would you share your experience with us?