In the event of a crisis, your company’s performance is tested. Efficient induction is now more important than ever, be it about sudden transition to teleworking, clarification of internal communication and corporate culture, or training new employees.

Many com­panies have utilised remote working for a long time, but in the midst of COVID-19 crisis, working from home has taken on new pro­por­tions. Remote working can be strengthened through various online training courses and induc­tions; in addition to learning, these enable gath­ering inform­ation about the employees’ exper­i­ences, opinions, or tips, for example.

It must be pos­sible to manage extensive remote working so that the employees are able to excel rather than stagnate under the excep­tional circumstances.

Our Sales Manager Martin Björksten

The training events nor­mally arranged on-site should now be moved to the web, in order to keep the con­tacts minimal. Apprix can transfer training in your company online, based on our solid exper­ience and pro­fes­sion­alism. We have worked out a step-by-step pro­cedure for moving training courses to the web; with the help of these tips, we can satisfy all of your online training needs together.

What kind of training needs does your company have?

Is live training cur­rently taking place in your company, or would there be a need for such training, but you want to avoid con­tacts? Training con­ven­tionally arranged on-site can be made more cost-effective, flexible, and ped­ago­gically integral if trans­ferred to the web. Online training also enables inter­active learning that sup­ports deeper inter­n­al­isation of the con­tents learned.

With new ways of oper­ation, mapping of new training needs is more important than ever.

Is there a need in your company for spe­cific­ation of tele­working pro­cedures or sharing of tips on the working methods? What about com­mu­nic­ation? Do the employees know how to respond to any interview requests or other external inquiries? What to do when a col­league shows symptoms of COVID-19? The importance of clear pro­cedures and common rules, as well as the meaning of strong per­sonal lead­ership cannot be over­em­phasized under such excep­tional circumstances.

Let’s think some more – would collecting statistics be useful?

The Builder tool can be used for stat­istics based on data accu­mu­lated through training courses. Through the service, you can have access to per­formance reports indic­ating, for example, user com­petence pro­files, user feedback, and ideas and visions col­lected from users. Each Builder course can be adapted for integ­ration into dif­ferent systems, which means that the per­formance reports can be sent to the Intranet, LMS system, HR systems, data­bases and many other inform­ation systems.

Contact Apprix and tell us your needs

We will provide you with tailored solu­tions and training cus­tomized to your company’s needs. You can order a full service package from Apprix, which includes the necessary planning meetings, planning and imple­ment­ation of con­tents, and testing of the final product. The planning of con­tents covers the planning of tasks, texts, graphics, and images according to your requirements. 

If you have a pre-existing training course that you would like to migrate to the web, we can create a new course based on the existing materials. We can also work together on com­pletely new training topics and our content pro­ducers can tailor any course to your spe­cific needs. 

Martin Björksten, our Sales Manager, is there to help you steer your company through these dif­ficult times with flying colours. You can reach Martin at +358 40 706 3871 or by email at martin.​bjorksten@​apprix.​fi.