Helena Kekkonen, an Italian Finn, is responsible for Apprix Helpdesk. How does an acclaimed professional service attitude meet the wishes and questions of online training course creators?

Your motto in work?

We see our cus­tomers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the cus­tomer exper­ience a little bit better.

Jeff Bezos

Hos­pit­ality is very important and sig­ni­ficant for me. I take the requests and ques­tions of all our cus­tomers ser­i­ously. Cus­tomer support is not merely about tech­nical skills – it also requires con­sid­er­ation of the cus­tomers and will­ingness to listen to their needs. 

For me, all of our cus­tomers are important.

You communicate with different kinds of customers every week – can you tell what a typical Builder user is like?

Builder serves many kinds of course cre­ators. Training courses can be created by anyone, from man­agers to HR per­sonnel and, for example, persons responsible for safety induc­tions at con­struction sites or pro­duction facilities.

What guidance is available to users for creation of online training courses in Builder?

We make every effort to resolve the issues reported and chal­lenges related to using Builder as soon as pos­sible. I have saved feedback and generic ques­tions sub­mitted by cus­tomers and used the inform­ation on the Help and FAQ pages of the Builder. 

Cus­tomer feedback is worth a fortune for us, as our objective is to help and support using Builder in every way possible.

Your message to Builder training creators?

I have seen truly excellent and mas­terful Builder courses: “Practice makes perfect”.

Boldly make use of dif­ferent ele­ments, colours, and images! These enhance inter­activity and render the training courses more fas­cin­ating for the end users.


Helena Kekkonen

Service Desk Manager

Apprix Oy

The key to learning á la Helena:

Vivere est cogitare. To Live Is To Think.