This is a blog post made by Pinja, a BBA student. I am a trainee at Apprix doing my internship in content creation and during my internship I will be writing three blog posts about Builder. This is the first one of them.

My first contact with Apprix Builder came from training courses created by others, and I watched a couple of them before I started to use the tool myself. My first impression was that for end users these training courses are really easy to com­prehend. I also knew right away what needs to be clicked to pro­gress through the training course, and what needs to be clicked to give a response to a task.

Soon I also got an oppor­tunity to learn how to use the tool, actually it happened on the very first day of my internship. When I saw the vision of how training courses are made, it first seemed a bit con­fusing and there seemed to be many ele­ments. However, when I was able to try it myself, and when I under­stood the basic prin­ciples of how ele­ments work, I quickly got the grasp of the Builder, and I learned to choose the right element for each of the situations.

On the second day of my internship, I started to put together a training course on the subject that interests me – baking with sour­dough starters – as a part of my work practice. I tried boldly to use as many ele­ments as I can, because I realised that the best way to learn is to do and try. When I had spent some time on cre­ating the training course, it began to feel com­fortable and I started getting new ideas of various pos­sib­il­ities. I thought that learning would take a lot of time, but I mastered the basics in my first week already.

In the first month of my internship, I have been able to produce, in addition to my own prac­tical training, dif­ferent lan­guage ver­sions for cus­tomers. Pro­ducing ver­sions in dif­ferent lan­guages is really simple, it mostly involves copying and pasting, but this has also given me addi­tional exper­ience and con­fidence in using the Builder tool. I have had no actual dif­fi­culties or problems with Builder, except for some minor issues, which I have solved quickly with the help of others.

I would like to encourage every other new Builder user to boldly exper­iment with dif­ferent ele­ments and to take advantage of them in many ways in the training process. A brief user training, that I was provided as well, offers sound basic skills and pos­sib­il­ities to get going. During this time, of course, you will not be able to learn everything, but exper­i­menting is really worth­while and educational.

I still have two months left of my internship, and I believe that over this time I’ll learn a lot more. As you might have guessed, I have found that using the Builder is tech­nically very easy. However, I believe that I still have a lot to learn over the coming months, when I will be able to create more content myself, and also think about the edu­ca­tional side of the tool. I hope that in future I will be able to produce more in terms of content and using my cre­ative skills.


Pinja Pitkänen

Com­mu­nic­a­tions and Content Coordinator Trainee, Apprix Oy

Visual mar­keting student