At Apprix every day is a work safety day and we have the same goal as our customers – zero accidents at work.

Our statistics already contain hundreds of thousands of training completions from hundreds of safety training courses. Whether it’s security at a construction site, power plant area, warehouses, or just a normal office, we know how to prepare a functional, preventive safety training that involves all employees – of course, taking your company’s challenges into account.

Where do you have the most problems with occupational safety, what is the most common stumbling block for employees? Tell us and we’ll make sure that those and all other safety factors are trained as illustratively and efficiently as possible with interactive training materials and tasks that ensure learning. At the same time, you get to collect information from employees about what concerns them the most in terms of safety, and you improve employees’ trust in the employer, while simultaneously decreasing work accidents and near-miss situations.

An accident at work costs the company 6,000 euros on average.

This is what the Occupational Health and Safety Institute says. The price can be several times higher if the accident is serious. For the employee, it costs trust in the employer and possibly the entire career.

The basis of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work is the policy that a safe and healthy working environment is the right of every employee. Occupational safety affects motivation, coping, and well-being at work. By ensuring occupational safety, you improve both the results and the engagement of the employees.

With more than 20 years of experience, Apprix helps companies implement a safe work environment through clear, pedagogically effective online trainings that include examples and tasks. With Apprix’s long experience, pedagogical competence, and technical knowledge, we can help your company achieve a safer work environment, happier employees, and lower costs. By investing in occupational safety, every work accident and work-related illness can be prevented.

According to Statistics Finland, there were 137,000 occupational accidents in Finland in 2019.

Mere text or speech is still not enough to guarantee that the factors affecting occupational safety become familiar to employees and become part of everyday activities. That’s why we at Apprix:

  • Add case tasks to the training that simulate real situations in everyday life, which make the learner think about factors affecting both their own safety and the safety of others
  • Collect statistics on training performance that can be integrated into the client company’s own systems, and we remind the employee when the training performance is about to expire, and the employee must complete the training again
  • Ask for feedback in trainings and encourage employees to reflect on safety-related situations, concerns, and thoughts in their own words, so that the employee deepens their own thoughts on the subject, while the employer gathers valuable information about the issues their employees are thinking about

Let’s create a safer tomorrow together!