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Security Description of the Servers and Server Centers Used by Apprix Oy


The servers used by Apprix Oy are located in Finland, in the server center of Hetzner Online GmbH “Hetzner Data Center Park Helsinki”. 

Hetzner is one of Europe’s leading service hosting provider.


The server center is cer­tified according to the ISO / IEC 27001 standard

Phy­sical protection:

Data network security:

Server security:

Software updates:

Server mana­gement:

Software Implemented by Apprix Oy

Security of data transmission

Data backup and recovery

Service por­ta­bility

Location of service infor­mation incl. per­sonal data and transfer restrictions

Deletion of data

Security audit of services

Service Administrators, Users, Roles and Responsibilities

Security – Related Agreements

Con­fi­den­ti­ality (NDA)

Data Pro­cessing Agre­e­ments (DPA)

Service Level Agre­ement (SLA)

Supported devices

Apprix systems are avai­lable with modern web browsers. The ser­vices support the following browsers and versions:

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