Who is a whistleblower? Whom does the Directive concern, what does it require? Through comprehensive online training, the notification required by the directive can be provided to an unlimited number of employees in a uniform manner.

The objective of the Whist­le­blower Directive is to make sure that if a person has detected or suspects an act contrary to the public interest in spe­cific areas of EU law in the course of his or her work, the person can safely report this in his or her orga­ni­sation. Orga­ni­sa­tions are obliged to establish a safe reporting channel usable by their employees for ano­nymous problem reporting. In addition, orga­ni­sa­tions must notify their employees of the reporting options at their dis­posal and appoint a qua­lified and unbiased person or team for moni­toring such reports and responding to them.

Apprix Builder® offers an easy and effi­cient way for making sure the entire per­sonnel is aware of the new directive and its requi­re­ments. A Builder training covers all employees in a uniform manner, regardless of the number and location of participants.

Does the Directive apply to your company?

The Directive applies to all orga­ni­sa­tions with more than 50 employees. Within the EU, the directive shall be adopted for com­panies with more than 250 employees by 17 December 2021 at the latest and for com­panies with 50-249 employees by 17 December 2023.

How can Apprix Builder online training be used to ensure compliance with law?

With Builder online training, noti­fying the employees of the reporting options avai­lable and pro­viding gui­dance is easy. This can be accom­plished con­ve­ni­ently as part of broader com­pliance training. Through com­pre­hensive online training, each employee of the orga­ni­sation can be pro­vided with con­si­stent and up-to-date infor­mation on the subject. Based on Builder sta­tistics, it is easy to prove that all employees of the orga­ni­sation have indeed com­pleted the training required. This way, the orga­ni­sation also ensures com­pliance with the necessary stan­dards and cer­ti­fi­cates in practice.

How can Builder be used to ensure individual training?

The design of the Builder tool involves both peda­gogics and a strong know­ledge of work life. Through examples and obser­vation models, com­pre­hension is ensured on a practical level, with moti­vation and par­ti­ci­pation in common practices. It is pos­sible to revisit the training after­wards, should the cir­cumstances at work so require. The training is also an easy way for intro­ducing new employees to the subject.

“For many com­panies, a key pre­con­dition to legal training is the pos­si­bility to record com­pletion of the training in the company’s own system. This way, it can be verified that the company has done its duty. For many of our customers, Builder’s sta­tistical infor­mation con­sti­tutes an integral part of meeting legal obli­ga­tions, and often also a pre­requisite for main­taining various certificates,”

says Jesse Jokinen, who has been deve­loping the legal training module at Apprix already for 20 years, in close co-ope­ration with com­panies and legal experts alike. 

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20 years of expe­rience teaches: National and inter­na­tional legis­lation and company-spe­cific business practices are part and parcel of the daily work of Apprix employees. Apprix Builder® is a digital solution that pro­motes learning and effectively imple­ments practices pre­scribed by law for the desired target groups.