Who is a whistleblower? Whom does the Directive concern, what does it require? Through comprehensive online training, the notification required by the directive can be provided to an unlimited number of employees in a uniform manner.

The objective of the Whistleblower Directive is to make sure that if a person has detected or suspects an act contrary to the public interest in specific areas of EU law in the course of his or her work, the person can safely report this in his or her organisation. Organisations are obliged to establish a safe reporting channel usable by their employees for anonymous problem reporting. In addition, organisations must notify their employees of the reporting options at their disposal and appoint a qualified and unbiased person or team for monitoring such reports and responding to them.

Apprix Builder® offers an easy and efficient way for making sure the entire personnel is aware of the new directive and its requirements. A Builder training covers all employees in a uniform manner, regardless of the number and location of participants.

Does the Directive apply to your company?

The Directive applies to all organisations with more than 50 employees. Within the EU, the directive shall be adopted for companies with more than 250 employees by 17 December 2021 at the latest and for companies with 50-249 employees by 17 December 2023.

How can Apprix Builder online training be used to ensure compliance with law?

With Builder online training, notifying the employees of the reporting options available and providing guidance is easy. This can be accomplished conveniently as part of broader compliance training. Through comprehensive online training, each employee of the organisation can be provided with consistent and up-to-date information on the subject. Based on Builder statistics, it is easy to prove that all employees of the organisation have indeed completed the training required. This way, the organisation also ensures compliance with the necessary standards and certificates in practice.

How can Builder be used to ensure individual training?

The design of the Builder tool involves both pedagogics and a strong knowledge of work life. Through examples and observation models, comprehension is ensured on a practical level, with motivation and participation in common practices. It is possible to revisit the training afterwards, should the circumstances at work so require. The training is also an easy way for introducing new employees to the subject.

“For many companies, a key precondition to legal training is the possibility to record completion of the training in the company’s own system. This way, it can be verified that the company has done its duty. For many of our customers, Builder’s statistical information constitutes an integral part of meeting legal obligations, and often also a prerequisite for maintaining various certificates,”

says Jesse Jokinen, who has been developing the legal training module at Apprix already for 20 years, in close co-operation with companies and legal experts alike. 

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20 years of experience teaches: National and international legislation and company-specific business practices are part and parcel of the daily work of Apprix employees. Apprix Builder® is a digital solution that promotes learning and effectively implements practices prescribed by law for the desired target groups.