Now is a good time to pay attention to how employees who speak different languages are included in your company and how your workplace is able to make sure that everyone has understood the important course and induction contents the same way.

Did you know that we at Apprix can implement courses in dif­ferent lan­guages? When a course has first been built using one lan­guage like Finnish or English, we can deliver a trans­lation template which makes it easy to fill in each trans­lated text in its correct place either by your company or by using a trans­lation agency.

Trans­lation temp­lates enable Apprix to easily and quickly create dif­ferent lan­guage ver­sions directly to your company’s use! Just as easily your company can create lan­guage ver­sions inde­pen­dently using Apprix Builder. If using Apprix Builder is not familiar to you yet, Apprix’s skilled content cre­ators are happy to help.

The entire company will benefit when everyone is learning equally

There are many dif­ferent benefits with lan­guage ver­sions – natu­rally, eve­ryone learns best using their own native lan­guage, and it’s also the only way you can make sure that eve­ryone has defi­nitely under­stood for example GDPR, safety and onboarding courses and induc­tions the same way.

Even when the company’s official lan­guage is English, which eve­ryone usually understands, it is useful to offer, for example, legal courses in several lan­guages. That is an easy way to ensure that the business strategy with all its secrets has been com­pre­hended correctly and in the same way, which helps to minimize mistakes that may risk or com­promise the business.

Employee experience increases with multi-lingual courses

Employees feel included and noticed in a remar­kable way when all the courses and induc­tions regarding their jobs are avai­lable in their own native lan­guage. This increases employee expe­rience as well as com­mitment to the employer. Employees will notice that they matter and that the company wants to include and integrate them pro­perly within the company.

At the same time the employer can feel relieved in knowing that employees spe­aking various  lan­guages know how to act correctly in dif­ferent situ­a­tions regarding their day-to-day work. Moreover, with Apprix Builder the employer can easily keep track that every employee has taken the courses that are essential con­cerning their jobs. With Apprix Builder dif­ferent courses and induc­tions can all be found in the same place where they are also easier to manage and update.

Happy learning, regardless of the language!


Anni Immonen

Content Designer

Apprix Oy